Leh View Restaurant, Leh Main Market

March 6, 2013 at 9:04 am

Leh View Restaurant is located in the Leh Main Market, next to the SBI ATM and offers delicious Indian food.

What makes Leh View Restaurant special in my eyes is the fact that it offers superb Biryani, something which is a little hard to find in Ladakh and hence becomes all the more special, especially if one tires out of eating all that maggi, parathas and normal rice, a sort of staple food for majority of Ladakh travelers.

Leh View Restaurant, as the name suggests, offers a nice view of Leh from its roof top restaurant and it gets all the more beautiful whenever Leh Palace is illuminated at night, since it is visible from the roof top restaurant in its full glory.

Overall, Leh View Restaurant is a good mid-range restaurant with delicious food, nice ambiance and fantastic view, kind of win-win in my eyes.

Neha Sweets, Leh Main Market

March 4, 2013 at 3:58 am

Neha Sweets located in Leh’s Main Market is the place to be for not only sweets, but also delicious north Indian food at an affordable rate.

In fact during my winter trip to Ladakh, Neha Sweets was the only place (apart from the dhaba in Karu and Nimmu) which provided food that not only provided much needed nourishment for the body, but also made me want to eat food to satisfy my taste buds.

Because during winter majority of hotels and restaurants in Leh-Ladakh are closed and the ones which are open, offer mostly bland food which coupled with the appetite reducing effects of AMS, does little to make one want to eat food, which is essential when traveling in such an unforgiving place in temperatures low enough to freeze diesel in a matter of minutes!

At Neha Sweets I ate Chole-Bhature (amongst the best I have eaten and being a Delhiite, I have had a lot of them) and Samosas with Chole, which too were delicious. Although I didn’t eat sweet dish, hot gulab jamuns served at Neha Sweets are supposedly great, along with tea and coffee. They also offer the usual South and North Indian cuisines like Dosa, Rajma-Chawal, Rotis, Paratha, Dal etc. and it is strictly vegetarian affair, if I remember correctly.

Overall Neha Sweets is a nice and affordable place to eat and the ambiance is in line to what one sees at the budget eateries all over India.